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The Premium edition that includes many function and usage.

It uses GSM technology to monitor and keep your assets safe. i-PALM premium can be fitted to your vehicle now to protect your vehicle and give you the peace of mind.

It will let you know if you vehicle is being tampered with or you can even control some functions of your vehicle with an SMS or phone in.

Some of the functions included in the Premium edition are:

  • Vehicle Break-in
  • Loss of Remote / Key
  • Remote Start Engine
  • Built-in Hands-free car phone
  • Hand Brake Warning
  • Power Failure Alert
  • Anti-Rob, Anti-Hijack Panic Control Button
  • Remote Off Engine
  • Wide Choice of Sensors
  • SMS control and alert
  • Microphone sound monitor
  • Unlock your car if keys are lock in car


The Basic edition is installed in vehicle with existing alarm.

It has Basic Functions and uses GSM technology to alert you if your vehicle alarm is activated or broken into.

There is the function of car search. If you can't locate your vehicle within your remote sensor range, you can send an SMS or make a phone call to your vehicle and it will sound. Giving you a very wide range to locate your vehicle.

Keyless Entry

The Keyless Entry product comes with built in alarm system.

Features includes basic alarm, car search, and Keyless Entry into your vehicle when you are within a short distance to your vehicle. It uses RFID signal to be transmitted between the remotes and vehicle sensor.

You do not have to take out your keys to open your vehicle door. You just need to have the remote inside your pocket. If you are near your vehicle, the door will automatically be open.


Our mouse tracking device is make up of 2 major device. Mainly, a main control unit, and our specially designed mouse trap which is equipped with a transmitter. Once a mouse is caught inside the mousetrap, it will trigger and send a signal to the main control unit. The main control unit will then immediately inform the respective personnel via SMS. In other words, you will only need to VISIT the mouse trap when it notifies you.