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What is iPalm







 What is iPalm
What you are about to see is not Science Fiction. We are making it a reality here, today, in Singapore!

Interact and monitor with your vehicle, house, etc, even if you are at the opposite end of the globe.

i-Palm, an Intelligent Unit, uses the M2M Technology in wireless communication method of Machine to Machine, Machine to Mobile, Machine to Man, Man to Machine.

Unlike science fiction, it does not signal the overthrow of man by machines that communicate with each other. Instead, M2M empowers man with greater control over machines.

M2M is about the networking of machines, devices and individuals using available wireless infrastructure (GSM, GPRS, 3G) for a seamless flow of data allowing you to monitor and control your remote plants, facilities, assets or terminals from a central location or a mobile device.

This translates to increasing operational efficiencies, cost savings, better service levels, and even additional revenues.

The i-Palm unit is fitted with a mobile telephone SIM card, allowing the i-Palm unit to make and receive telephone calls and instructions.

M2M systems can be applied in virtually any industry or environment. eg. Automobile, Residential, Commercial, etc.

Monitor your vehicle, houses, etc. Preventive measures from vehicle thefts and forced house entries. You can even turn on your air-conditional systems before you step into your house or vehicle. Its almost limitless.

Commercial companies like freight forwarding uses the systems to monitor their fleet of vehicles.

Browse our products. If you would like to find out more about M2M technologies. You can read more here.

Example of our vehicle installed i-palm features.

There are more options that can be fitted to the car.


Check out our vehicle i-Palm Intelligent Control Unit.

We have included a FAQs section. If you do not find your answers there do feel free to contact us.